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SurveyKit is THE NEW app for your Schedule of Condition

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SurveyKit fills the gap between those generic apps you find on the Apple / Play Store and the enterprise solutions that cost you £££ for a ton of extra features you don't really need

iOS & Android

Collect photographs, text & audio notes on site with your phone or tablet.


Save data offline with SurveyKit's offline capabilities. You do not need an internet connection.


Synch projects and individual items of work onto your SurveyKit Cloud account.

Web Portal

Back office capabilities to generate, edit and share reports, review audio transcriptions and much more.

Simple, Practical, Affordable

SurveyKit is a no-frills app that will make your life easier without breaking the bank. It will also make you stand out in front of your customers with our professionial looking reports.


Sounds interesting? Then you’ll want to join our launch group.  

It’s free to join and participate in early access to SurvetKit. While we’re hashing out the tool, our small, private group is talking how we can make this perfect for you.